Ready to tantalize your taste buds with scrumptious cuisines, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of top food bloggers in Dubai to guide you to the city’s most scrumptious food spots.

Dubai is not just home to gleaming skyscrapers, exotic beaches, and lush palms but it is also endowed with a diverse range of cuisines. With an expatriate population of more than 9.0 million, the city has turned into a culinary heaven. The wide range of cuisines reflecting the diverse origins of its residents has turned Dubai into a melting point for foodies and food bloggers around the globe.

These food bloggers in Dubai blend all cultures in a streamlined manner to offer a wide range of recipes from home-based cooking to fine dining experiences. They offer step-by-step methods and insightful tips that transform even the most mundane dishes into exquisite experiences.

Top Food Bloggers in Dubai

According to research conducted by Sevenrooms, 43% of diners follow influencers on social media to discover new restaurants. Since food bloggers play a significant role in impacting the decisions of diners, restaurants sometimes sponsor the bloggers as they are the ticket towards their visibility and traffic.


just food dxb top food blogger in Dubai

Whether it’s an Indian dish or a Chinese dish, JustFoodDXB shares all the hidden recipes with the interested audience on all the social media platforms. He has over 221,000 followers on Instagram and is well-renowned for his passion for good taste and honest reviews.

The content JustFoodDXB posts on social media resonates well with the potential audience. Nearly every post on his page has tons and tons of likes and comments. This shows the audience likes and interacts with his blogging.


where my food at dubai blogger

Kim and Den are foodies based in Dubai, and they are running the most popular Instagram and TikTok accounts known as Wheremyfoodat. Counted among one of the top food bloggers in Dubai, this duo has 91,000 followers on Instagram with many likes and comments on every post.

Connect with Kim and Den directly on social media to get in-depth information on influencer partnerships for your restaurant.


megsblogged dubai blogging platform

Meghana Rao, one of the best food bloggers in Dubai, runs the food, travel, and hotel-themed Instagram account. Whether she’s eating Italian, vegetarian, or fast food, she shares everything with her 64,000 followers on Instagram.

She’s travelled to 58 countries and people can easily count on her judgement when it comes to eatables, drinkables, and ambience in Dubai. Meghana is mostly interested in going to restaurants with innovative menus, locally sourced ingredients, and appropriate menus according to different seasons.

Zoe Bowker

zoe boker best dubai blog

Scrolling through the feed of this famous food blogger in Dubai will make you realize what good eating and fine dining look like. The social media presence of Zoe Bowker shows a lot more than the food itself. She has over and above 51,000 Instagram followers who are attracted to the pictures of food along with in-depth information about the restaurant’s interiors, cocktail offerings, and services provided by chefs and associated staff.


food diva dubai information

The real name of FooDiva is Samantha Wood who has been living in Dubai for a couple of years now. She’s a food and travel blogger well-known in the market through her reviews. From the chefs of restaurants to the quality of the services to the usage of ingredients, she gives reviews on everything on her Instagram and Facebook.

Counted among one of the best food bloggers in Dubai, the high engagement levels of FooDiva on social media platforms display her reliability and authenticity.


around2uae instagram best

Whether it comes to reviewing hotpot, a fancy breakfast, or continental cuisine, Around2UAE has reviewed it all. She has around 23,000 Instagram followers who appreciate the way she showcases the decor of the restaurants, ambience, scenery, food, and more.

Her authentic and detailed feedback encourages the audience of UAE to try the spots themselves. If you want to collaborate or communicate with Around2UAE, send them a direct message on Instagram.


dubai bloggers list

She pays ultimate focus and attention to fine dining and hospitality. She is one of the top food bloggers in Dubai that people count on. National publications and Local press such as Forbes and DXB today have featured her.

Her feed is enriched with impeccably presented dishes, that grab the attention of over and above 20,000 followers. However, a high standard of quality is what matters to her the most. So, she only looks around for elite restaurants and cafes. dubai blog

Lavina Israni is a well-known food and travel blogger who was born and raised in Dubai. She has around 123,000 followers on Instagram who are interested in seeing all the on-trend food edibles.

She grabs the attention of her audience by coming up with catchy captions such as ‘ Delectable dessert ever ‘ or ‘The best cocktail bar ‘. She has worked with a plethora of brands and has been recognized by publications such as Khaleej Times, Gulf News and more.


MR Taster no 1 dubai blogger

The real name of Mr. Taster is Huperd Sepidnam and he has over and above 2 million followers on Instagram. This top influencer in Dubai has done reviews of endless Dubai eateries. His well-managed social media accounts give unforgettable experiences of food to the potential audience.

You will find all kinds of dishes presented and showcased in an impeccable manner. The content that comes with his dishes is fun-filled and entertaining. This is evident through all the detailed captions where specific dishes are highlighted and thoughtful feedback is given.

Final Word

Traditional advertising has tons and tons of benefits, but nothing beats the power of food blogging. Authentic and well-planned feedback and reviews from a food blogger can generate a lot of traffic and boost the number of reservations and orders 10X. However, finding the best food blogger whose values and personality align with your brand is merely impossible. A slight misjudgment can result in chaos.


Who is the number 1 food blogger in Dubai?

With 1.9 million followers on Instagram, Mr. Taster is an outright winner. Mr. Taster could easily be the number 1 food blogger in Dubai, who has received more than a hundred eateries in Dubai.

What is the difference between a food blogger and a food vlogger?

Although both food bloggers and food vloggers are content producers, the terms are often used interchangeably. However, there exist certain differences between a food blogger and a food vlogger. Food vloggers are not affiliated with a big media house, instead, they publish content on a range of culinary issues on their personal website/blog or their social media handles. While food vloggers on the other share their overall culinary experience, they don’t just write reviews and criticize the food, but they showcase the whole process from kitchen to the table. The stories of the restaurants, their owners, and the culture surrounding the food.