For many people in Dubai, South Indian Restaurants and their food is rapidly becoming their favorite — its lightness as compared to the thick gravies of North Indian dishes; its focus on vegetables, beans, and grains; its quick sautés and stir-fries that give the dishes freshness, vibrancy and crisper textures, all of which are aligned to contemporary tastes. Because spices grow everywhere in South India, most South Indian restaurants in Dubai have them flown in from the owners’ hometowns: their freshness adds a piquancy, which registers a noticeable difference in the food’s taste.

If you’re after fragrant, generously spiced, utterly delicious Indian food, you needn’t travel far: after all, Dubai is simply brimming with incredible curry houses. And for south Indian staples – including airy dosas, brightly flavored fish curries, plates with lashings of coconut and tamarind, heaps of rice, Kerala seafood, Hyderabadi biryani, vibrant meat fries, flaky parotta, feather-lite appam — and so much more – there are more than a fair few places to sate your appetite.

The 10 Best South Indian Restaurants In Dubai

These 10 south Indian restaurants in Dubai range from hole-in-the-wall hideaways to glittering, Michelin-starred addresses, but no matter the ambiance, all are certain to leave you contentedly well-fed.

Rasoi Ghar Restaurant

Rating 4.4 with 2,796 reviews

Pioneering a new concept for vegetarian food lovers. Rasoi Ghar Restaurant offers the best vegetarian food in the heart of Karama. Rasoi Ghar Restaurant prides itself on serving a delicious unlimited pure vegetarian set menu, which is served with love on your table. you will enjoy the authentic flavors of Gujarat, Kathiyawad, and Rajasthan, and also a few other exotic delicacies from other regions of India! Rasoi Ghar cooks their food with minimal oil and without baking soda so that you leave their restaurant with a content heart and not an overfilled stomach! While they present their strikingly creative fusion food, they try to take you back in time with some

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Maharaja Bhog Restaurant

Rating 4.2 with 2,995 reviews

Maharaja Bhog Restaurant is the home of the authentic Rajasthani Thali served with a side of quintessential Indian hospitality. Vegetarian food often does not excite many carnivores, but a meal at any of the Maharaja Bhog Restaurants in Dubai can prove to be a gastronomic journey one may enjoy. The lavish thali when laid out can be quite intimidating no matter how ravenous you are. Farsan, four vegetables, two dals(pulses), a special dish of the day, two kadhis, Indian bread, rice, khichdi, sweets, chutneys, and pickles. 33 items to devour, is indeed a

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Kozhikode Star Restaurant al Qusais

Rating 4.0 with 3,219 reviews

The journey of Kozhikode Star Restaurant, an Indian Restaurant in Deira Dubai, began in September 2014. Kozhikode Star Restaurant is the ultimate destination for Indian, Continental, and Regional cuisines. The variety of authentic Kozhikode food like Kozhikode leghorn chicken biriyani, Malabari pathiri, Kunjikozhi, fish, and beef dishes brings you the taste of god’s own country. Kozhikode Star Restaurant is a name that is familiar to anyone who has been to Dubai and it is a name not likely to be forgotten as it takes you on a roller coaster ride of different tastes. The combination of amazing ambiance and the presence of quality services makes it the perfect place to be with

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Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

Rating 4.1 with 2,904 reviews

About the owner of Sangeetha Vegetarian: She graduated from Arizona College with a degree in bakery and social science. She managed to introduce new vegetarian protocols at the restaurants.

The idea is to provide access to ready-made vegetarian meals while you learn how to prepare them at home. they are covering the whole country, and they are sending food experts to each restaurant. Once they have collected all the information, they will analyze it. You can view the final list of restaurants on the Sangeetha Vegetarian website. This will help you decide the best restaurant for your needs based on location, pricing, and menu.

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Kamat Restaurant

Rating 4.3 with 2,068 reviews

Kamat Restaurant established in the year 1992, Kamat first opened its doors in Dubai to serve gourmands wholesome vegetarian delicacies in immaculate and comfortable settings. Today, Kamat is recognized as one of the UAE’s most distinctive vegetarian restaurants, with 7 branches in prominent locations across Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Nearly three decades since its inception, Kamat restaurant has developed a deep connection with its esteemed patrons and continues to deliver impeccable quality, flavor, and consistency.

Behold a phenomenal selection of over 360 sumptuous veggie delights prepared to absolute perfection. They provide an array of delicious Chinese delights. With that being said, Kamat is so much more than an award-winning vegetarian restaurant.

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Saarangaa Bhojan Shala Discovery Gardens

Rating 4.1 with 2,151 reviews

Saarangaa Bhojan Shala an indulgence for food lovers, offers you a wide variety of Indian delicacies with modest prices, that your taste buds will fall in love with. They provide an array of dishes from authentic South & North India as well as Chinese keeping the diversity of Indian cuisine.

As Saarangaa Bhojan Shala’s South Indian cuisine is concerned they have chefs from Tamilnadu and Kerala, the Home of South Indian cuisine. Being masters in culinary art Saarangaa Bhojan Shala chefs perfectly blend various spices with vegetables to get an authentic taste of Southern India. North Indian foodies can enjoy dishes from a newly designed menu with tandooris and low-calorie dishes as add-ons.

It is their greatest endeavor at Saarangaa Bhojan Shala to provide lingering flavors and the finest service. So go ahead and pamper your taste buds.

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Rating 4.4 with 1,385 reviews

SpiceKlub Dubai is a Franchise of the popular Mumbai restaurant of the same name, proud to be serving Jain food! Not just its scientific trickery, SpiceKlub’s ornate colorful Rangoli-inspired wall (Sculpted and hand-painted!) is probably the most photographed thing in the restaurant SpiceKlub awaits you. Experience the taste of traditional Indian cuisine with you and your family or friends at Spiceklub Restaurant.

From delicious chaats to four-cheese papads, to ras malai and saffron mousse-stuffed chocolate pots, and even gluten-free rotis, SpiceKlub won’t leave you disappointed. Every dish is designed to blow you away not just in taste, but in looks as well (they’re all Instagram-worthy!).

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Zafran Indian Bistro – Dubai Marina Mall

Rating 4.3 with 1,034 reviews

Experience the taste of award-winning north-west Indian cuisine, amidst the stylish interiors. Zafran Indian Bistro, an award-winning contemporary Indian restaurant. Led by a team of highly skilled and experienced chefs, Zafran focuses on North West Indian cuisine with subtle and complex flavors, yet light on the stomach. The specially designed menu is crafted with care and promises to delight its guests with the best of Indian cuisine capturing delicious and unforgettable flavors of the region.

From Tandoori kebabs and wholesome curries to regional favorites such as Laal Maas and Rogan Josh, fragrant biryanis and signature dishes like Aloo tikki and Butter chicken, zafran’s wide range of award-winning dishes are all made from fresh ingredients.

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Manvaar Restaurant

Rating 4.5 with 772 reviews

Manvaar Restaurant was established in 2003 and one of the first South Indian Restaurants to open in Dubai (UAE). Their chefs have over 10 years of experience, and with such a passion for their occupation, they have become part of the India Restaurant family.

Manvaar Restaurant welcomes you to enjoy the authentic South Indian cuisine available, with a mix of the finest ingredients and experienced chefs preparing fantastic dishes, you are guaranteed a South Indian experience. On their menu, you will find a variety of South Indian dishes they have to offer, with a great selection to choose from.

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Little Miss India

Rating 4.6 with 514 reviews

Little Miss India – Discover Fairmont The Palm, a hotel in Dubai, UAE, and enjoy the hotel’s spacious, comfortable rooms in Fairmont Hotel. Feel welcome to our elegant and luxurious hotel where we will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Little Miss India is the character-led gastronomic destination and central to the story is the extravagant ‘Mistress’ of the mansion, known as the fictional character Mohini Singh, who takes diners on a unique journey through her worldly travels, amazing achievements, and an eccentric menu in her very own home. This quirky concept fuses a vibrant and colonial restaurant,

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