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The time you reached Dubai, you start mesmerizing about where to go for adventure. A sparkling idea raises in everyone’s mind to visit Burj Khalifa. There are beaches, desert land, safari’s, and other places, that will touch your heart and soul. After the heart shape lake, there is another unique place that’s been discovered in Dubai? A place which is breakout search on the internet regarding moon shaped lake in the middle of the desert, here we reveal the location of moon shape lake in the United Arab Emirates.

Moon Shaped Lake – Al Qudra, Dubai

Pack your 4×4, cameras, travel kit, and start heading towards moon shape lake. Start your stunning day and take a visit.

How does Dubai Lake look?

The moon shaped lake is nestled between white sand dunes and trees surrounding it. People who visited the moon lake reported seeing oryx early in the morning. The astonishing beauty doesn’t get you packing up your drone, then what will.

Moon Shaped Lake Dubai Location – Google Maps:

Coordinates: 24.7874218, 55.3065662

Find moon shaped lake in Dubai desert with the following coordinates shared above for google maps. The moon shaped lake been discovered by some local guys so they share a coordinate sooner or later this will be the public place to enjoy and can easily find with the name only.

The places made/discovered in DUBAI having pleasure and keeps you visiting again and again. Remember part of nature or either man made deserve to be clean places. The crescent moon lake in Dubai gives you an experience never forgotten. While visiting these places is truly a sight for sore eyes, it’s important to remember that they are a part of nature (even if it’s man-made) and deserve to stay clean.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Moon Shaped Lake?

Moon shaped lake located at Ras Al Khaimah Dubai(united Arab Emirates). It is appeared and discovered by two guys resident of Dubai.

Where is the moon shape lake located?

In the middle of the desert of Ras Al-Khaimah Dubai you can find the moon shaped lake.

What are the coordinates of moon lake Dubai?

The Google map coordinates are 24.7874218, 55.3065662. Find the moon shaped lake Al-Qudra we share the location.

Who discovered crescent moon lake?

Recently, guy Mostafa known as a landscape photographer and videographer shared a post on his Instagram account regarding the moon shape lake the discovery captured the public attention of the whole of Dubai and the video reached millions of visitors who would love to see the exposure of the beauty with the naked eye.

Is Moon lake Dubai artificial?

Cresent moon lake is artificial which is manmade becomes tourist attraction. The surprising fact about Dubai tourism is the lakes in the desert of emirates of Dubai, most of them are manmade.

Is moon shape lake an Islamic Lake?

No, this lake is not based on the theme of Islam but you can relate to it because this is the finding in the month of Ramadan and Muslims also searching for moon for fasting. But you can just relate and it’s not an spiritual lake.

Is Moon lake Dubai related to Islamic Theme?

The theme of Ramadan and the crescent moon lake Dubai are so fitting to visit as spiritual motivation. Muslims respect the month of Ramadan and moon sighting for religious purposes. The moon lake Dubai in the desert gives you the best visiting experience in this Holy month and reminds you of the old era of the Prophet (PBUH). This becomes the hidden gem of Dubai’s “lake of the moon” and the gems are astounding. It’s the next pink lake of Ras Al Khaimah.