Dubai mainland is the favorite destination for a lot of investors for company formation. The reason behind the fame of Dubai’s mainland; is the freedom to do business everywhere in Dubai as well as in UAE. However, there is an absolute procedure for LLC company formation in Dubai. For such purpose, interested people have to complete several requirements for LLC company formation in Dubai.

It is not surprising that there is always plenty of demand; that is for efficient as well as consistent Dubai Main land business set-up services. We provide smart Dubai Mainland Company Formation services; that can cover all sorts of business setups and their requirements; although the procedure of LLC company formation in Dubai is rather complex. Our specialists can greatly take care of all critical aspects connected with it and offer customers the peace of mind that they are looking for.

We have been working as a consultant for LLC company formation in Dubai for many years; while company setup can seem to be rather time-consuming as well as challenging. We can greatly take care of the entire process and provide great support to clients.

UAE is one of the most secure countries in the world and also the trading center of the Middle East. Being a tax haven, with a strong network of Banks; you will find UAE as an ideal place to form a company and open a bank account for it.

LLC company formation in Dubai

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most common form of business in UAE. A Limited Liability Company can be formed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders whose liability is limited to their shares in the business capital.

If you are an expat planning for LLC company formation in Dubai, UAE; then a local agent is mandatory. 51 % of the business will be owned by the sponsor, hence choosing the right partner is crucial. Local agents usually act as sleeping partners and won’t be involved in the running of your business. They help you deal with ministries and the government for various paperwork.

What makes LLC unique and one of the most preferred business types is the great deal of flexibility it provides. An LLC company can trade anywhere in the UAE and GCC.

We will help you to form your mainland company in UAE.

LLC company formation in Dubai

If you are searching for an LLC company formation in Dubai as an LLC; then it is essential that you learn everything that you need about the LLC company formation in Dubai. For this purpose you need to contact with a business set-up agency; that will provide you a local sponsor to sponsor your business. The local sponsor will also have to enter an agreement; so that he or she would not be able to enter directly into income sharing.

For a professional license, you also need a local who will act as a local service agent, but he will not take any share in the company, and you will get 100 percent ownership of the company. It means that a local service agent does not play any active role; that is in relation to profit sharing or other operations.

Salient Features of an LLC Company Formation in Dubai

There are certain things that make LLC company formation in Dubai attractive; to investors around the globe who are looking for a business setup in UAE. These features include tax incentives as well as the independence to trade. Let’s take a glance at some other features.

  1. Mainland companies are free from the burden of corporate taxes.
  2. To acquire a Dubai Mainland License, there is no funds requirement as per law.
  3. Dubai Mainland Company can be formed without a troublesome process.
  4. There is no compulsory audit requirement.
  5. We are obtaining a license for an LLC company formation in Dubai is trouble-free.
  6. The business can be easily controlled from any part of the UAE.
  7. And one of the main points is that it has no legal limitations on currency.
  8. You can get an employee visa quite easily.
  9. You can also open a corporate bank account.
  10. 100% repatriation of capital as well as profit is possible.
  11. You are allowed to open an office anywhere in Dubai.

Forms of company formation in Dubai

Sole proprietorship

A single Proprietorship is a business owned by an individual, not a company. Such an individual will hold 100% of the business; control all the parts of its activities and keep 100% of all profits. He or she will similarly be 100% in charge of business obligations and some other financial commitments.

LLC company formation in Dubai

The one-person limited liability company is owned by one each like natural or corporate body. This company is different from other forms that need at least two parties to sign a contract. The one-person company consists of only one person. It is like the only proprietorship however they vary in a few provisions; the most central of which is that its liability is restricted to the single partner’s share; whereas in the sole proprietorship, the liability is unrestricted.

LLC company formation in Dubai as a civil company

A Civil Company is a business partnership for professionals such as doctors, lawyers and engineers as well as accountants.

LLC Company formation in Dubai

An LLC company formation in Dubai is an adaptable kind of enterprise; that mixes elements of partnership as well as corporate firm. An LLC should have between 2 to 50 investors; each one of whom is responsible just to the extent of his or her share in the company capital. Except for public share-holding firms, an LLC can be changed to any other legal form.

Branch of a foreign company

A branch of an overseas company can perform professional activities and some commercial as well as industrial activities. For practicing commercial as well as industrial activities, you need approval from the Ministry of Economy.

Branch of a GCC-based company

A branch of a GCC-based company will carry out all the activities that are in the main company license. Each branch can perform different activities for a company that has multiple branches; as long as they all are in the original license for the main company.

While other GCC countries may follow a variety of rules in terms of combining activities; for the Dubai branch license, they will accept only the activities of the same group; regardless of whether other activities are registered in the GCC main company or not.

Representative office in Dubai

It has its own criteria that set up to promote and market the business of the parent company; however, it does not allow performing any kind of operations. A Representative Office in Dubai needs a Local Service Agent (LSA); who can be a UAE National or a company owned by at least one UAE national.

The LSA’s duty towards the company is to help in some essential services for the company; that is not to bear any liability of the company or its branch and offices inside or outside the State.

Branch of a free zone company

A branch of a free zone company can practice professional and commercial as well as industrial business; as long as the main company’s activity is allowed in main land Dubai. If the main license of your company was issue in a UAE free zone; (not as a branch of an overseas company); then you can acquire a branch license from DED in order to expand your operations to mainland Dubai.

Branch of a UAE base company

A Branch of a UAE base Company must accomplish one or more activities; that are mentioned in the main company license. Each branch can perform different activities for a company that has multiple branches; as long as they all are included in the original license for the main company.

How we can benefit you in an LLC company formation in Dubai?

The experience as well as market knowledge of our professional; are two elements that make sure the consultancy provide first class company formation services to its corporate customers. The information allows for preparation while the experience permits for smooth and trouble-free processes.

  1. Documentation as well as attestations from gov’t offices can be done easily; as we have linkages that provide a quicker path to process completion.
  2. Our experts will direct you through the whole process of mainland company formation. This will allow you to learn how to go about things.
  3. All legal forms can be preferred for the LLC company formation in Dubai.
  4. DED is the main authority for a mainland trade license of your company.
  5. Whether it’s the lease agreements or registration with the Chamber of Commerce, your burden will be shared equally by us.
  6. MOA and other required documentation will be prepared.
  7. The most appropriate local sponsor agent will also be one of our major tasks.
  8. Assistance will be provided for the opening of a corporate bank account for your company.
  9. We will support your business as well as PRO services that are necessary for initial success.
  10. Renewing of licenses and acquiring licenses as well as the formation of the company will all be handled by our expert team.