Coffee with milk is a favorite drink of millions of people. Many people believe that a glass of this drink does no harm.
“And this is true, but there are some peculiarities, especially if you are concerned about your figure,” says Russian nutritionist Dr. Yulia Khlopova.

Coffee with milk – rules for its consumption

“Milk contains lactose, a complex polysaccharide that breaks down into simple sugars when it is mixed with coffee. By drinking coffee with milk, its usefulness is reduced and it turns out that you are actually consuming dessert, and if you add a sweet to that drink, then definitely it will not have any benefits,” says Dr. Julia Khlopova.

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What to do if you like coffee with milk? Dr. Khlopova advises: keeping in mind that this drink is like a dessert, and it is better not to add sweeteners to it, and also exclude additional desserts.

The nutritionist warns those who monitor their figure: that coffee with milk will cause swelling, so the process of losing weight will be even more difficult. Useful properties of coffee Natural coffee has an invigorating and stimulating effect.

The presence of caffeine facilitates this. Stimulates various organs and systems in the human body: the cardiovascular system; internal organs consisting of smooth muscles; the nervous system; and the muscles of the musculoskeletal system.

With regular coffee consumption, cognitive abilities are increased, reactions are accelerated and fatigue is reduced. These properties are manifested in the consumption of high-quality coffee in small quantities, prepared in the right way.

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Important: The article does not replace a balanced diet and consultation with a specialist!