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Visitors from around the world love to find work and live in Dubai Due to the high wages and comfort of living. Many of them are on visit visas, luckily some of them find their dream job but most of them fail to secure jobs in Dubai due to a lack of knowledge and preparation.

Getting a Job Without a college degree is crucial whether they are applying from their home country, seeking a job in their own country Dubai, or on a visit visa. We have listed down some of the reasons why people fail to find jobs in Dubai.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail to Find Jobs in Dubai.

What are the common mistakes that prevent people from getting any job? Based on thorough research and findings, we have compiled some of the necessary information. Explore the common mistakes and avoid making common mistakes to get jobs in Dubai.

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Applying For a Job From Outside The UAE:

As the demand for jobs in Dubai rises, the competition among candidates has not only increased but also intensified for companies in selecting the right candidate for their firm. One common reason why people fail to find jobs in Dubai is applying for a job from outside the UAE, which often leads to rejection.

Typically, jobs in Dubai used to come with assured salaries, covering local living costs, visas, flight tickets, and other expenses. However, this trend is fading. However, a question is raised why should a company hire you? you are from outside the UAE? How to overcome the factor of why you should be hired?

  1. Maximize Chances: To secure a job in Dubai, you must be residing in UAE.
  2. Visit Visa: Choose a visit visa and start searching for a job in Person.
  3. Job Interview in Person: A face-to-face job interview leads the seeker to a job presenting their strengths and weaknesses in person.

Choosing the Wrong Time to Visit Dubai:

A Job seeker often visits Dubai at the wrong time leads them to fail to find a job in Dubai.

Less Hiring Chances: I highly recommend avoiding a visit to Dubai for job hunting during specific months, such as March (Ramadan), April (Eid Al-Fitr), June (Eid Al-Adha), and December (Christmas/New Year).

Avoid these Months: Typically, the hiring process slows down during Muslim events or other events. A job seeker must not visit in these months February, July, August, September, October, and November. These months present a better opportunity to secure a job in Dubai.

Job Hunting Months: Typically, the hiring process slows down during the holy months. It’s highly recommended for job seekers to avoid traveling during these times. The ideal months for job hunting in Dubai are February, July, August, September, October, and November. During these months, you have a better chance of securing a job.

Unfocused and Boring Resume/CV:

Dull & Poor CV: A CV lacking preparation and a bland format might not be your best bet for landing that dream job. In reality, a CV that lacks focus and has a poor structure could easily be overlooked by potential employers. Opting for an uninteresting CV might unfortunately lead employers to reject your application, moving on to the next deserving candidate.

How to Write a CV: Whether you are seeking full-time or part-time employment in Dubai, check out Write CV for Jobs in Dubai to well craft your CV for successful selection.

Cover Letter: Prepare a cover letter as well to stand out in the crowd. This might be another reason to people fail to find jobs in Dubai.

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Consider Applying Online Only:

Avoid Narrow Approach: Many job seekers rely on a limited number of websites and adopt a narrow approach. Submitting your resume online is not a bad practice, but relying on only 3-4 sources is not advisable. Broadening your search and applying through multiple sites may increase your chances of finding jobs in Dubai.

Stop Blaming: Blaming luck, seeking websites, or giving up are not the options choose the best options like LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media websites where people love to share their jobs.

Broaden Search Options: We recommend creating profiles on various social media websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Broadening your search by applying through multiple platforms can enhance your job-seeking efforts. Neglecting these options could also add to the challenges of finding a job in Dubai.

Dropping Off a Resume in the Hands of HR vs. Sending by Email:

Two Methods are not the Same: Hand-delivering your resume to the HR department increases the chances of being selected. Delivering the resume to HR holds its significance. The two methods are not as similar as they may seem; some people mistakenly think they are the same and fail to give them proper importance.

Hundreds of Results: Job advertisements often lead to the receipt of numerous CVs via email, creating confusion and raising questions about how to distinguish the most deserving candidate from the pool of resumes.

Memorable Candidate: When you personally hand over your resume to HR, it’s a chance to make a memorable impression. By introducing yourself directly, you create a connection with the recruiter, setting yourself apart from other candidates. It’s more than just a piece of paper – it’s a moment that makes you stand out positively.

Job Seekers are Unaware of the Power of Social Media:

Social media plays another crucial role and holds its significance for job seekers. Engaging with social media helps build a bridge between employers and employees. Recruitment firms actively post jobs on social media instead of newspapers or job boards.

Some tips to show yourself to the world by creating your profiles on different social media. You will see a positive impact on your job-seeking life after the below tips. If you are lazy enough to search on board pages, discussion, and Facebook pages that is another reason why you fail to find jobs in Dubai.

  • We recommend creating a LinkedIn profile and optimizing it.
  • A complete profile on LinkedIn and Facebook makes the selection process easy. Provide all the necessary information including previous job data.
  • There are several job board pages and groups where people discuss and recruit them for suitable jobs.

Lack of Preparation in a Job Interview:

Insufficient Preparation: A common reason why individuals struggle to find jobs in Dubai is inadequate interview preparation. Insufficient preparation for interviews is a key factor that can lead to disappointment.

Factors Affecting to Check: Various factors, such as insufficient knowledge about the field you are interviewing for, a lack of research about the organization, limited eye contact, and a lack of confidence, can contribute to job interview rejections.

What to Prepare: We recommend researching the organizations, the skills required for the interview, and understanding who they work for. Adequate preparation is crucial for the interview, so don’t overlook it.

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Job Seekers Who Apply for the Wrong Position:

Blind Spots: Typically, individuals often send their resumes blindly for the wrong positions, resulting in their struggle to find jobs in Dubai. As humans, we are attracted to the perks organizations offer, such as salary packages, accommodation, visa expenses, flight tickets, and other allowances. In this scenario, job seekers tend to get drawn in without considering the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience.

Believe Yourself: Believing is the key point, show them what you know first do not go for the perks. Show them your experience they will select you but believe in yourself first.

Yet, if you apply without considering everything, especially just looking at the perks, you might realize later that it’s not the right job for you. An employer doesn’t just look at salary and perks; they also evaluate your knowledge. There are times when frustration due to unemployment can lead you to apply for a job hastily.

Unlocking Job Opportunities in Dubai: The Role of References

Open Invitation: A reference is an open invitation for a job to be selected without applying for the job. It is now common for a person to secure a placement in any organization with a PR (public relations) or a source.

They Prefer Referrals: Lots of companies appreciate hiring through referrals. They often choose not to announce job openings in newspapers or on job boards.

Stay in Touch: It’s a good idea to stay connected with people in your field. LinkedIn is the perfect place to link up with folks who share your job interests. So, don’t forget to connect with people doing the same kind of work as you!

Become Victims of Recruitment Agencies:

Watch out for tricksters: If you’re tired and can’t find a job in Dubai, be careful not to fall for scams. Some people, feeling hopeless, end up getting scammed by fake job agencies promising work in Dubai. These scammers lie, ask for money, and don’t deliver on their promises.

Go for Real Agencies: To be safe, connect with real job agencies. Check if they have a license and read what others say about them. Only go for agencies approved by the government—they share all the info you need.

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Finally, the article comes to an end. It was indeed a time-consuming task, with a significant investment in research and writing. However, your continued love and support, along with the questions raised, encouraged me to write this post, and I have done so with utmost dedication. My valuable advice to young people (newbies) who may be unaware of the challenges of job hunting in Dubai is to apply the top 10 reasons for failure mentioned above in your career.

If you can avoid the common mistakes listed above, believe me, you can turn failure into success. Before concluding this blog post, I humbly request all readers to please share this article as much as possible so that others can also benefit from this knowledge. Because your support, no matter how small, strengthens me each day. Best wishes, stay positive, stay blessed, everyone, and hopefully, you can turn your career around. Cheers!

 Beware Of Fraudsters!
Never pay anyone either for job application, interview test, or job interview. A genuine employer will never ask you for the payment in any case.