The variety of coffee can impress even the most ardent coffee drinker. More than 30-35 types of coffee are known in the world, but the main ones are about 10. We meet you with them and their characteristics, because we think that 35 types of coffee are too many to make sense of the information about each of them and try each type.

The ten main types of coffee

Although the answer to the question of how many types of coffee there are is a number many times greater than 10, precisely 10 are the types of coffee with which we have chosen to meet you.

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1. Black coffee

This is the simplest form of ground coffee beans that are steeped in hot water. Milk and sugar can be added to it, so it is not the color, which can be black or lighter than milk, that is why it is called black. In black coffee, the quality of the coffee beans is most important for the taste.

2. Espresso

Italy is the homeland of this aromatic coffee, distinguished by its denser taste. Pressure brewing is the reason this coffee is more concentrated than other types of aromatic invigorating liquid. Espresso is the coffee with the most caffeine of all we’ll be looking at. It is also the basis of most coffee drinks.

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3. Dopio

Or another temptation from Italy, which literally means “double” – two cups of espresso in one serving, offering irresistible aroma, strength and intense taste, captivating the senses.

4. Cappuccino

The favorite espresso, which we mentioned is the basis of a number of coffee drinks, and added milk with a rich fluffy foam – and the cappuccino you adore is ready for moments of pleasure. The creamy taste can be varied with aromatic warming spices or with sweet ones – chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon. If you’re vegan and don’t consume cow’s milk, oats are perfect for your cappuccino.

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5. Latte

This delicious and aromatic experience for the senses is similar to the cappuccino, but the milk is in more sparing amounts compared to that in the cappuccino. Some latte masters use frothed milk to create art in the latte cup, while others add unique flavors, the most popular of which are pumpkin or vanilla flavored lattes. An extraordinary experience for the senses, which is especially suitable for winter.

6. Americano

Need a strong cup of coffee to wake up your senses on a sleepy afternoon? High in caffeine and with an aroma profile similar to that of black coffee, Americano is all you need if coffee is your way of waking up and increasing your energy and productivity. It is no coincidence that it is a favorite of students and often preferred by them, as it keeps them awake when they need it to read for exams and helps them to concentrate and keep their attention on the lectures and the material with which they should meet.

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7. Mocha

Do you love sweet treats? What is your second favorite thing after coffee? The chocolate? Try mocha – aromatic coffee and delicate, delicious chocolate in one cup for an unsurpassed pleasure. Espresso with hot chocolate and milk foam is an incomparable pleasure for your senses. You can choose between white, brown and dark chocolate for total enjoyment.

8. Flat white

It’s a popular drink in New Zealand and Australia that somewhat resembles a cappuccino, but without the foam and chocolate sprinkles. Espresso and steamed milk without foam and splash and the perfect Flat white is ready.

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9. Macchiato

Espresso with the richness of milk foam – this is what we call a macchiato and it is an adventure for the senses that we usually share our lunch with, or rather the dessert after lunch.

10. Irish coffee

Be careful with this temptation – you can’t drive after it, it’s not the coffee for your lunch break at the office, as it contains alcohol – whiskey. Irish coffee is a fascinating combination of espresso, whiskey and cream, so smooth, so creamy and aromatic that you’ll wish you could enjoy it more often than just on the weekend. It has a bright and pleasant taste, which is more reminiscent of a cocktail than a coffee drink, but it is precisely because of the alcohol that one should be careful with it during the working week.