Calligraphy Courses in Dubai:

We have curated a list for calligraphy courses in Dubai, where you can find best calligraphers in UAE. We have some calligraphers information who provide best services, where you have room to learn Arabic calligraphy, English calligraphy, Urdu calligraphy and other types of calligraphy courses and calligraphy classes.

Mini’s Handwriting & Calligraphy Course:

Have problems with your children’s handwriting? Mini’s handwriting and calligraphy provide handwriting courses in Dubai. We are experts in teaching calligraphy courses in Dubai. We focus on every child individually and help to improve handwriting or calligraphy accordingly. We are professionals and provide Handwriting improvement workshops and calligraphy courses.

Hand Writing Improvement: Handwriting improvement workshop & classes from kg1- 12th grade, range of about 40 classes for the entire program, with guaranteed 100% improvement.

Calligraphy Course: We provide professional Calligraphy Services, handwritten, for your special invites, certificates, placards, etc. Range of fonts available for a rare, beautiful, special & customized experience.


Calligraphy Classes by Habib:

Habib calligrapher and group providing calligraphy classes in Dubai since 2019. They are providing their services in multiple areas of expertise. From sketch to live painting or calligraphy on canvas or calligraphic logos and different types of calligraphy service available.

  1. Pencil Sketches
  2. Graffiti
  3. English Calligraphy
  4. Arabic Calligraphy
  5. Calligraphy on Canvas
  6. Landscape
  7. Live Painting
Phone:+971 52 200 1875

Lotus Calligraphy Classes in Dubai:

They are offering 250+ courses for art and design including calligraphy courses in UAE. They have over 15 years of experience with the art of teaching multiple courses and providing different services.

  • Fine Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Kids Art School
  • Well Being

They are providing attested courses on arts and design having international recognition. They have multi-national experts to teach with the group and private classes, Certificates accredited by Dubai Government KHDA.

Palette Dubai – Calligraphy Classes in UAE

A platform for art and artists, design and designers, with the purpose of achieving creative excellence, career aspirations, professional networking and design solutions.


Is is necessary to learn Calligraphy from recognized Institute?

No, you can learn individually from the list shared above, mostly they are individual teachers to learn from.