Preschool holds the main focus of the children early growth and enhances the early stage learning and brain development which is important. During this sensitive period, Preschools in Dubai gives a supportive environment to build-up their brains and helps acquire new skills across various domains, including social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

Parents Findings: Research shows the significance of education provided to children up to the age of five or six. This early education is instrumental in advancing the children’s abilities and enhancing their problem-solving skills, which are integral components of improved cognitive abilities.

Emirates British Nursery


Emirates British Nursery is one of the premium early years education nursery. A safe and stimulating environment, discover our state-of-the-art preschool in Dubai. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British Curriculum.

We are at every corner if you are searching for preschools in Dubai, explore our nurseries or book a virtual tour of Emirates British Nursery. Our branches at Dubai Motor City, Mirdif Nursery, The villa Dubai Nursery, Dubai silicon Oasis nursery.

Mosaic Nursery


Mosaic Nursery a leading British preschool in Dubai, essential for the building blocks of children’s development and psychology. Parents are more interested in our early stage learning model based on play and learn approach to promote interaction and creativity.

We believe in nurturing the future of children via activities and play, our curriculum best fit for building foundation. Our staff has early years qualification and ensure they receives best learning experience in their early stage learning.

British Orchard Nursery


British Orchard Nursery, a leading early education and filled with preschool activities in Dubai with the state of art facilities. A certified chain of nurseries in Dubai provide a supporting, caring, and stimulating environment.

Our staff is well educated and trained to provide an stimulating environment and make our school among best preschools in Dubai. They are serving from 30 years with approx 30 branches all over UAE. Our education model foster a sense of awe and wonder.

Toddler Town


Toddler Town an award winner from 2016 & 2018 and is one of the best from preschools in Dubai. Our motive is to create a healthy and personal homely touch environment where your child grip the strongest foundation. The specialty is to keep your eye on your children through our mobile app.

Our Branches are in Dubai and Jumeirah with a strong believe to enhancing and develop your child’s physical abilities for a lifelong learning. Excellent teacher-child ratio for individual growth, Indoor and outdoor learning playrooms and spaces to explore opportunities.

The Blossom Nursery


The blossom nursery has around 23 branches all over the Dubai and all considered as foundation preschools in Dubai, an award winning British nursery in Dubai. We follow EYFS British Curriculum to better guide your children to a brighten path.

Growth & Learning: With the help of our expert educator team lead them to lead their own learning and growth. Our curriculum so well fit to enhance their motor skills, social, emotional and physical development.

Children Oasis Nursery


Children Oasis Nursery is the best ISO certified preschool in Jumeirah Dubai. We follow the UK’s statutory framework for the Early Years. Their confidence, welfare, care, learning, play is our first priority.

We give the children an independence to achieve, what they deserve. Our EYFS curriculum approach boost the children’s to learn and play, which is a successful program for Early Years Foundation Stage.

Jumeirah International Nurseries


Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS), we are serving since 1981 with an outstanding early education results. Our British Nursery curriculum nurtures the heart and mind towards a successful childhood.

Our indoor and outdoor play areas provides the children an excitement learning experience, is one of the best British Nurseries in Dubai. Our goal is to provide your child an exciting learning experience in a loving, nurturing environment.

Lady Bird Nursery


Ladybird Nursery believe in nurturing the future of children by engaging and safe learning environment. We make your children lives meaningful, our experience teachers and staff try hard to give the motive to children as a confident, curious, and an independent learner.

Our preschool in Jumeirah, JVC and in Al Barsha providing a world-class early childhood education in Dubai. Your children’s are always our priority because we have sensible teachers caring them.

Kids Island Nursery


Kids Island Nursery following “The Inspire Philosophy” and the learning based on the curiosity, discovery and collaboration enables them to learn and play with our qualified teachers.

Our preschool in Dubai is considered to be a play world, equipped with Mud Kitchens, Blooming Garden spaces, cosy indoor learning area encourages them to explore the world. Hence, we are the “Learning Garden Award” winner.

Safari Kid International


Safari Kid International is dedicated to provide the highest quality early years education and care in the world. We are creating magical and engaging learning spaces infused with cutting edge pedagogy. Staff and great teachers are there to nurture and enhance every child’s innate curiosity, creativity and ability. We are located at Four Points Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road and a best preschool in Dubai.

We believe that a combination of free and structured play, an engaging and interactive learning environment. An abundance of love, care and attention provide the most solid foundation for children in the early years. 

Little Wonders AE


Little Wonders Nursery School has been providing quality education since 2005 in the UAE. One of the Top nursery and preschool in Dubai & Jumeirah. Teachers follow the EYFS British curriculum and we also use the Born Smart Brain development program and the Step Up Physical Development program.

Our centre consists of state-of-the-art classrooms with various multi-purpose areas including an indoor soft play room, several large outdoor play areas, a Sensory Spa, Sensory Garden, Library and a Clinic with a DHA licensed Nurse.

Maple Bear AE


Maple Bear Nursery Jumeirah, a best preschool in Dubai with15000 square feet of outdoor play space. A promising preschool with countless play and learn facilities. Child’s growth hands on learning and development.

We promise learning for children’s arts and creativity, language and early literacy, dramatic play, gross motor development, cognitive development, social and emotional development. No child is left behind so come and visit us approx 10 to 12 minutes away from executive towers, business bay and downtown Dubai.

Chubby Cheeks Nursery


Chubby Cheeks Nursery an award winning Preschool with 26 branches with preschools in Dubai. A place for early child-care where “grow with love” is our motive. With a government partnership and qualified staff and welcoming environment and state of the art facilities encourage child’s growth.

Wide play area, Inspiring world class environment, no child left behind approach, prestigious government contracts, award winning preschool, 12 years of quality education all that what chubby cheeks nursery gain in these years with your support.

Childrens Garden AE


The Children’s Garden (TCG) is a multilingual kindergarten, nursery and pre-school. We provide a caring, friendly and fun environment for children aged 2-6.

Kids Kingdom AE


Kids Kingdom AE a best nursery with British curriculum preschool in Dubai. Classroom activities, Physical development, Events and field trips, Mark making are some of the curricular activities to grow their learning and play. Our preschools in Dubai meeting the requirement as per KHDA.

Our school in Business bay, IMPZ and preschool in JLT. The parents are highly motivated and recommended as a second home for your children’s. Qualified staff and teachers are fulfilling their promise to day care your kids to make them eligible for everything.

Stepping Stones UAE


Stepping Stones UAE is fulfilling the parents demand with a child-centered progressive learning. Committed staff and educational equipped preschool nursery is serving children by 20 years. Hence proven to be a best preschool in Dubai.

We believe nurturing every children with some creativity and progressive fun learning they are able to recognize the world. The warm and welcoming environment has always been a place of comfort and enjoyment for every child. We are inAl Bateen, Khalifa City A, Barsha in Dubai,UAE.

Super Kids Nursery


Super Kids Nursery providing the early kids education preschool in Dubai. We take care of balance of healthy learning, social and creative opportunities, and care for children as a parent invested in child’s development.

A British EYFS curriculum and our synthesized Montessori nursery principles motivating child to learn out of the box. Best preschool nursery in Mirdif City where facilities like soft gym, messy play area, covered playground, sandbox, water play, and garden center for an engaging learning.

Circle Time UAE


Circle Time UAE is a playschool and considered to be a best award wining preschool in Dubai. Like others they follow British EYFS curriculum. Passionate teachers, Hygiene rooms, Affordable fees, Transportation facility overall a best preschool nursery in UAE.

We strictly follow the path to grown children’s personal, social, emotional and emotional development skills. We take consideration of language and communication skills. Enroll your children in morning or afternoon preschool in Al Qusais, Al Nahda, Muhaisnah, International City.

LGI Preschool Barsha


The Little GEMS International curriculum uses the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum as a framework combining it with the GEMS core.

Cloud British Private School


Cloud British School is a foundation builder and considered as best from preschools in Dubai. We strictly follow the younger learners to build their personal, social and emotional skills alongside their skills of playing and exploring, active learning and critical thinking.

Likewise others we have strong believe to follow EYFS framework as base for children. The school will foster all-round development of the individual child through an integrated, holistic approach to learning.

How early education impact children’s life?

Studies done on neuroscience shows that how early education can impact on further life of a child, especially their mental and physical health, literacy and numeracy skills which directly connected to their life success. If a child lack proper education during that age it can lead to many problems, like obesity, crime, or heart decease and more.

Thus it is important for a child to attend preschool at his/her early age to develop their mind properly and this can’t be neglected. During this time, it helps children to understand this world better, themselves and other people too. They create new ways and opportunities to meet their own desires and needs which helps them face less difficulties in future.

Why Preschool is necessary?

Preschools teaches children all essential things which are necessary for them at that age. Choosing a better preschool for your children is also important in context of providing your children education, it is important that you go for a preschool which can satisfy your children as well as you in every aspect.

How do I decide which pre-school is best suited for my child?

We understand that as a parent you have a wide choice of child-care preschools and nursuries in Dubai offering healthy benefits and promises. As a parental care preschools in Dubai and Early Childhood Centers near you offers fun learning and playable creative learning. Nurseries in Dubai are differ in various aspects of the day care they offer.

The comprehensive checklist below is designed to help you ask the right questions when seeking nursery school admission in a Early Childhood Centre or a nursery school in Dubai near you that is right for you and your child:

  • Does the Nursery feel happy, warm, and welcoming?
  • Do the children seem happy and are they interacting with the staff?
  • Are the opening hours suitable for you?
  • Is the Nursery open all year round?
  • Is the building safe, comfortable, and geared for childcare?
  • Is the Nursery registered and is the certificate on display?
  • Is the Nursery properly equipped to care for each age group?
  • Is it bright and clean?
  • Can parents visit at any time?
  • Is there a safe outdoor play area?

FAQ – Best Preschools in Dubai, UAE

What is ‘Reggio Emilia Approach’ of preschools?


What are the benefits of mommy and me classes in Preschool?


What is the purpose of preschool?

Preschool helps children to make them unique from each other  and further they can choose their own path and goals to work upon and they learn to respect other person’s views and thoughts.

How preschool makes a difference in childs development and growth?


Is nursery considered pre-school?

Yes, nursery schools in Dubai can be considered pre-schools. Nursery schools in Dubai usually accept children from babies up to 5 years old, whilst pre-schools in the UK tend to accept children between the ages of 3 to 5. Pre-schools are generally more formally structured to help children with the transition to school.

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