It’s an established fact that pizza is one of the best things to happen to humanity. Perfect for any meal of the day, easily personalized, and so delightfully cheesy, pizza will always be your best friend. We are here to talk about 7 best pizza parlors in Dubai.

There couldn’t possibly be another food that is so internationally appreciated. Originating in the Italian city of Naples, this heavenly flatbread was originally thrown together by street vendors for the poor working-class Neapolitans, and largely remained that way till the queen of the nation had the good sense to devour a slice!

Now if all this pizza talk is making you hungry, no worries, we’ve got you covered; here are 7 of the best pizza places in Dubai:

Disclaimer: Prices and availability may be subject to change.

D.O.N Pizza

What: Baked with a wood-fired oven and love, D.O.N Pizza brings the authentic taste of true Neapolitan pizza and real Italy to Dubai. With a belly full of cheesy goodness, you’ll be happy for days.

Don’t miss out on: Funghi & Tartufo, Burrata

Cost for two: AED 90

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What: Somewhere between Neapolitan and New York-style pizza lies the Pitfire pizza. Touted to be Dubai’s favourite pizza, Pitfire values the majestic simplicity of pizza and considers pizza-making an ever-evolving craft.

Don’t miss out on: Pitfire Primo

Cost for two: AED 175

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What: If you hate waiting for your food, this is the pizza joint for you. Blaze serves absolutely gorgeous artisanal pizzas that are affordable and reach your impatient hands in 3 minutes (I know!). Featuring an interactive open kitchen, you can fall back on reliable classics, customize a signature pizza, or create your own!

Don’t miss out on: Build your own pizza

Cost for two: AED 75

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Akiba Dori

What: Inspired by Akihabara in the city of Tokyo, also known as Electric Town, Akiba Dori is a stylish and pretty unique addition to a food-savvy city like Dubai. Cooked fresh from a wood-fired oven, the pizzas at Akiba Dori are delightfully fascinating and serve as a pretty impressive introduction to Tokyopolitan pizzas.

Don’t miss out on: 5 cheese pizza

Cost for two: AED 120

L’Antica Pizzeria De Michele

What: At L’Antica, Pizza isn’t just a food. It’s a character, a relationship, and a lifestyle, as it rightly should be. Taking you on a culinary journey of authentic Italian cuisine right here in Dubai, L’Antica brings with it all the heritage and tradition of pizza.

Don’t miss out on: Burrata pizza

Cost for two: AED 135

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What: Bringing the best of Italy to the table, Luigia aspires to make every meal memorable by bringing the passion, attention, and love that only grandmothers could infuse into food. Staying true to their Italian roots, the second you walk through Luigia’s doors, you are family and treated to only the best.

Don’t miss out on: Marinara with capers

Cost for two: AED 190

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What: Pinza, for starters, is not just pizza. Crispy, light, and lower in calories, you can easily customize your order (they’re not going to judge you, 100%) and have a wholesome and ridiculously delicious “Pinza” delivered right to your doorstep.

Don’t miss out on: Shrooms, Truffle Goodness

Cost for two: AED 100

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If you’re feeling a little indulgent and want to loosen your purse strings a little, these places could be where you get your money’s worth!

Il Borro

What: Crafting traditional Tuscan recipes to perfection, Il Borro is a special gem decorating Dubai’s culinary scene. All ingredients are sourced locally from the Il Borro farm in Italy, Il Borro also caters to those who are vegan and vegetarian, so there’s something for everyone here!

Don’t miss out on: Truffle Pizza

Cost for two: AED 350

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What: Stylish, warm, and quirky, Cipriani never fails to serve up rich, decadent pizzas. Rooted deeply in the traditions of authentic Italian cuisine, Cipriani’s never leaves you to regret what you pay for their pizza!

Don’t miss out on: Cipriani Special Pizza

Cost for two: AED 350