Meat shops in UAE are spread around every corner, a number of supermarkets and local shops providing non-halal and halal meat in Dubai. A healthy diet can improve your health however your grocery shopping in Dubai must include kind of meat for a protein diet explore local meat shops in Dubai. A list of online and best meat shops in Dubai, UAE including markets, butchers, and gourmet shops.

List of Best Meat Shops in Dubai

We have shared some list of best online meat shops in Dubai. What they are providing fresh and quality beef, farm raised meat and agricultural raised meat in Dubai, UAE. Cold Cut, meat snacks, ground and patties,Marinated beef, Organic meat, Ready to grill meat, Sausages, Veal, Steaks meat in Dubai.

CarreFour UAE:


Carrefour provides online shopping for your household to grocery in Dubai. Fresh meat in UAE are available on offers & discounts. Select your desired meet range Wagyu beef or normal beef in Dubai.

Range from: our range has every kind of meat like Brazilian, Australian, Beef patty, Angus beef, meat slices, Steak meat also low fat meat in Dubai by carrefour. We provide meat at your door step Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE.

Meat One


Meat one is almost every where a concept store giving healthiest and zabiha halal meat in Dubai according to Islamic concept. Healthiest, fresh, and hand slaughtered meat in Dubai, sharjah, ras al khaimah.

Wide Variety: Wide range of cuts with premium quality meat at your doorstep with delivery options order online. Variety of cuts, protein filled, non steroids, fat less and delicious. We source our meat from finest animal bred to produce the best quality meat.

Kibsons International


Kibsons International provided high quality, imported and processed meat at your door step. We are a customized meat provider in Dubai giving superior quality meat. We are the official partner for Emirates flight catering so our quality meat the requirement of every one.

What we provide: Kibsons gives delivery of meat at your doorstep including meat and veal, lamb and goat, meat packs, buffalo meat, ostrich and venison meat, marinated meal, camel meat, cooked meat, deli meat every kind of meat at your door step.

Lulu Hyper Market


Lulu UAE is serving as a retail division in Dubai, and is one of the best among meat shops in Dubai, UAE. Avail special offers on meat, poultry and grocery in UAE. They have meet with their own name lulu beef and others like Al Islami beef.

Every meat here: We have frozen meat, ground beef, cubed beef, stripe beef etc. Lulu also gives the benefit for a home delivery and online shopping so you never have to stop by and visit the market or shops.

Gourmet Butcher House:


Gourment Butcher House are providing the best and quality meat. We bring you the best by collaborating with local farmers to give you the hormone-free or steroid free meat.

How we source: We use agricultural methods to raise livestock, no hormones or steroids are used. To fulfil the need we source our meat from locals, Pakistan and India.

Ripe UAE – Fresh Meat


Ripe UAE claims they sourced their meat organically in UAE. Fresh and quality meat at your door step in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Al-Ain, Ras al Khaimah. Grass-fed and plant based protein filled beef in Dubai. We also provide grocery in UAE.

Where to get: We have our organic farm shop in Al Manara Dubai. We are opened everyday in week from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week. A high quality organic meat shops in UAE.

21 Gourmet Street – Halal Butchery


Buy Meat and Poultry Online in UAE – Finest beef, lamb, veal, chicken, duck, quail, guinea fowl, turkey, pigeon, venison, ostrich, rabbi, etc.

Japanese breed cow Wagyu meat, Veal meat, Beef Susages, Anugus beef, JC Angus beef, Black Angus beef, Beef breakfast slices, Peter’s farm beef, Steak beef in Dubai, beef burgers patty in UAE.

Quality Food AE


Quality Food AE almost provide every kind of meat according to your need frozen meat or grass-fed cow meat, organic meat, gluten free meat.

We offer: Cubes and steaks, ground and patties, cold cuts, meat snacks, veal, boneless, wagyu beef, angus strip-loin, angus lean mince beef, marinated beef shawarma, meat balls, Dutch Veal Milk Fed Schnitzel every kind of meat available at quality food Dubai.

Butcher Shop AE


Butcher shop AE is the online meat shop gives same day delivery in Dubai and emirates delivery in 48 hours. We import premium meat products around the globe. Get grass fed beef and homemade beef pies.

Export Quality: If you love that nutty, beefy, buttery texture & flavor, you’ve come to the right place. Full blood and high grade Australian Wagyu beef with primal cuts.

SpringBok Butchery LLC


SpringBok LLC have both halal and non-halal meat, meals filled with protein, custom cut steaks according to your wish by their chef’s.

Our Specialty: Trim lean protein, Irish pork, and ready made meals by our chef’s. Order with special instructions, we deliver to Dubai and Abu Dhabi from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00.

Gastronomes Gourmet Store


We have best range of meat in UAE, Les Gastronomes wide range of meat variety from black angus to veal and Japanese meat in Dubai.

Japanese Wagyu striploin steaks, wagyu fillet medallion marble, beef bresaola sliced, Lamb merguez, Beef cecina de leon, Veal escalopes, Black angus beef, frozen meat and best of meat shops in Dubai.

Martin’s Meat Dubai


Martin’s Meats serving since 2013, and been supplying to 5 star hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Variety of beef items available at our online beef store. Choose your item add to cart and order now for meat delivery in Dubai.

Beef ribeye, beef tenderloin.

JM Food LLC Dubai


High quality halal meat available at JM food Dubai with a variety of beef to choose from our range. Certified wagyu beef and black angus beef. Veal is available grass-fed or milkfed. Variety of protein selection available at our store. Non-halal meat is also available like Pork.

How to reach: They are not selling it online get to them at this address Jaber Measam Foodstuff LLC (JM Foods LLC) for halal and high quality meat shops in Dubai.

Al Rawdah Farm


Al Rawdah has their own farms to produce meat and other products with modern production facilities. We are the meat provider to the supermarkets and local stores.

Quality Products: Al Rawdah is the largest provider of quality processed meat products in UAE. 100% halal and natural fed meat at your door step.

La Carne – Premium Meat


La Carne is an award winner meat producers, a premium quality meat delivered to your home. Best award winning slab cuts beef with special discount. Abu Dhabi Butchery in Mushrif Mall Abu Dhabi.

We have: Beef, Veal, Venison, Grade 7 Australian & japanese Wagyu, Certified Angus beef, Tomahawk, Prime Rib, Beef Back Ribs, Short Ribs, Flat Iron Steak (Oyster Blade), Hanger Steak, Tri-tip, Wagyu Tenderloin, Shank, Sirloin.

Only Fresh Store


Only fresh store has variety of meat options available to order in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai. We believe in customer satisfaction with halal-cut fresh beef delivered at your door step. Our specialty is to provide minced meat, fresh meat and beef.

How we sourced: We import our stock from around the globe, we have Pakistani beef, Indian beef, and local beef in Dubai. Visit our meat shop in Dubai Al Rashadia- 1, behind ramada square ajman or order now.

Trolley AE


Trolley Ae offers variety of meat products in Dubai and grocery UAE. Every single item you need is here and enjoy the free delivery service at your doorstep.

Beef products: Beef ribeye, Pakistani imported beef in Dubai, Minced Beef, organic beef and cubes, Brazilian beef, beef foundu and variety of beef products in Dubai.

My Butcher AE


My Butcher pork meats and sausages are guaranteed 100% French meat from artisanal farms born, raised and processed in France. Shop Now!

FAQ’s – Best Meat Shops in Dubai

What if someone sell non-halal meat provide as halal meat?

The country has rule to provide the proper description before selling the item. If you have any problem with the seller complain to the law numbers they will take action.

Difference between wagyu beef and normal beef?

Wagyu beef is known for its tenderness and flavor as the wagyu cattle have been selectively bred over centuries to develop their meat quality. Normal beef is less expensive than wagyu beef as it comes from cows that eat grass and grain.

Where to get online cooked meat in Dubai?

– Kibsons International

What is Wagyu meat or Wagyu beef?

Wagyu considered to be a expensive beef, features rich marbling and red meat. It is sourced from Japanese breeds of beef cattle. These cows are of cross-breed and mostly sourced from Europe.

What is Veal Beef?

Veal meat/beef available on every online meat stores in Dubai. Mostly pure-bred male dairy calves. Every country is breeding specially in UK the veal breeding is linked to dairy production.