Before traveling to Arab countries (i.e Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Sharjah, etc.) a basic understanding of their local language creates an impact on your trip. 11 Arabic words for Dubai Trip you should know before your next trip to Dubai or Gulf countries. We are sharing some Arabic words with pronunciation an expat must know traveling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj & Umrah or Dubai for their business trip.

Can I talk in English while visiting to Saudi Arabia?

English language could be helpful but not everywhere. Remember Arabic people love to talk in their local language when you travel to gulf countries especially Umrah or Hajj you can interact with native people in Arabic after you learn Arabic words.

Below are some basic Arabic words to know while traveling. These are the building blocks for your Arabic language learning. If you are a laborer you need to memorize these words.


Insha’Allah (pronounced in-sha-la) literally means “God willing”. In Arabic, the phrase used most commonly in conversations. After saying this word you mean you are giving hope to yourself/others. For example, you would say “Insha’Allah I will go tomorrow” (God willing, I will go tomorrow) or “Insha’Allah I will make it tasty” (God willing, I will make it tasty).


AlHamdullilaah (pronounced Al-hamd-llilah) is the opposite of Insha’Allah. You say (In-Shaa-ALLAH) if you are going to do a work, after that you say Al-hamd-llilah after it happens. Al-hamd-llilah means “Thanks God”. That your work completed by the grace of ALLAH. For example, success in exams say “Al-hamd-llilah made a good grade” (Thank God I made a good grade on my exam).

Muslims also say these words when after finished the meal, or after the sneeze. Instead of saying a prayer before the meal as most Westerners do, it is common to say “Al-hamd-llilah” after it.


Shukran means “Thank you“. Pronounced Shukran very normal word while you are taking something from people around you. Commonly used and you must Learn it in Arabic Learning.

Marhaba (Merhaba)

Marhaba means “God’s love” or “God loves you“. Pronounced Merhaba, In Arabic it means you are saying welcome or greetings to someone.


Yalla means “Let’s go” I always thought that Yalla was a fun word to say. We would say it anytime it we were ready to leave a place.


Habibi (habibti for girls) means “my beloved“. It is a term of endearment used between a man and a woman, and can be used in good friends to show your love and care for them.

As Salam-O-Alaikoum

As Salam-O-Alaikoum literally means “peace be unto you“. When you meet someone directly say it, increases your respect that you pray for them. In against they will say Wa-Alikum-As-Salam. So, it is kind of like the “hello” and “goodbye” in the Arabic language.


Masha’Allah is a word that you use to show that you are happy about a good thing that happened in others life. e.g. your co-worker had a baby and told you, say “Masha’Allah”. Another way your friend bought a new house then you say Masha’Allah. Usually if you see something good in others life say Masha’Allah he will be happy.

Masha’Allah = Praise the lord (Used for appreciating something you’re not directly the recipient of).


Na’aam means yes. Often said if some one ask you to have something say Na’aam. If you are search for opposite then say “la”, means No.


Saha means “health“, can used in different ways. One way to use Saha, you get hair cut or clothes then you say it. Another way you eat something delicious then you can say Saha.


Khalas means Enough! Stop. When you stop eating or done your work, you can say Khalas which you pointing you’re done eating or washing or anything.

Mi Amor

Mi Amor means I Love You in Arabic. If you are in love with someone Mi Amor is the best word to say and express your love to them. Please be aware sometime it is bad to say to everyone.

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Except local language what else is necessary while travelling to Gulf countries?

Understanding of roads, tour guide, restaurants, police stations, except those basic Arabic words must be learned before traveling to gulf countries.

Which countries have Arabic language culture and Arabic is their mother tongue?

Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu-Dhabi, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and there are other gulf countries where Arabic is spoken.

Is it possible to learn Arabic language in 10 to 15 days?

No, you cannot learn the complete Arabic language in 10 to 15 days without even practice. But you can learn Arabic language words which save your time to interact with locals while shopping or traveling.

Where can I learn Arabic language ?

There are online Arabic classes where you can learn the Arabic language or hire a tutor who is fluent in Arabic and with your own mother tongue.